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Cordillera Wine Group
The Cordillera Ranch Wine Club is open to all residents, and new members are always welcome. Three to four times each year, this group brings neighbors together to learn about wine regions and varietals.

Hosts volunteer their homes and provide wine glasses, ice, paper products, and water. They choose a wine-related theme and may opt to provide information about their choice. Attending members bring a shareable bottle of wine that represents the chosen region/varietal, and an appetizer/dessert to share. It’s an instant party!

Because our Evite list has grown considerably in the past few years and these evenings are very popular, hosts often elect to cap the attendance. Typical attendance is 60-80 members. Two to three weeks before an event, Evites are sent via email to members.

If you haven’t already, please send your email to a co-chair so you can be added to the Evite list. If you would like to volunteer your home for a future event, don’t be shy! We will work with you on a date and will help you that evening.

The Wine Club is a fun, relaxed way to sample wines and food … and most importantly, to establish and strengthen social ties.

Traci Hansen
Dawn Murray

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