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Cordillera Wine Group
Cordillera’s Wine Group is an informative and fun-filled group that brings residents together to learn about and enjoy wine and food together. We are particularly interested in learning about wine regions and all the great wine varietals available to us. Of course, an overriding goal of the group is to meet people and gain friends with similar interests.

Our group, generally, meets 4 times a year and in members’ homes. Hosts provide featured wines for tasting and often include printed material to accompany the wines. Sometimes wine professionals are on hand to give us a better understanding about the wines we taste. Hosts, also, provide wine glasses, paper products and water. On average 30 to 45 people attend each group meeting.

Emails are sent out to members about a month before the event date. A blurb is always found in the newsletter, as well. Lisa Roll or Kathy Watson, wine club coordinators, send the emails about a month in advance of the group’s meeting. Members respond to the email about their attendance and whether they intend to bring an appetizer or dessert.

All Cordillera residents are invited to join our group. We are an established group, but always welcome new members. Please give one of us a call or email indicating your interest in joining the Wine Club, and you will be put on the email list.

Marcia Pratt 
Terry Weller 

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