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Men's Bible Study

​The MBS is a collection of men from Cordillera Ranch who share a desire to learn more from a study of God’s Word. Studies are held weekly, September through May each year. Each meeting includes a time for fellowship, prayer for our community and discussion about a message from scripture. Our tradition has been that we alternate between Old and New Testament studies to enable us to cover all elements of the message.

Typically, there are options for meeting days. The studies use a workbook to help focus the study while the leader for that study has prepared points as well as questions for the group which helps them get the most out of the study materials for that week.
Members of the study are encouraged to bring their own prayer needs but also to be involved with their neighbors and seek prayer on their behalf too. Throughout the year a prayer leadership team also organizes special prayer sessions for the community. During the year the MBS finds way to give back in the local community by sharing the love of Christ through a variety of ministries and activities.

The MBS seeks to provide an environment where the study of God’s Word is done in a Spirit of grace and love so that individuals who are followers or seekers will be able to find unity in our Christian faith. We seek to provide a safe place to learn and grow in the Spirit and grace of Jesus Christ. There are currently over 60 men on the MBS roster and want to welcome all men to this fellowship of faith. 

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