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Shanghai is an easy-to-learn card game which has had an avid group of players for many years at Cordillera. Twice a month players get together to enjoy a potluck lunch or dinner (with wine) and a good time with neighbors. The stakes are low (quarters) but the fun quotient is high!

Shanghai is a rummy based card game with origins in China. The game is played with three to eight persons at a table using multiple decks of cards, including jokers.. At Cordillera we play six rounds (hands). Each round requires a progressively more difficult combination of cards to win the hand. At the end of the six rounds, the player with the least number of point wins.

The game is easy to learn and we happily train newcomers. Games are held the first Tuesday of the month at noon and the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. For information or to have your name added to the monthly invitation list, please click on Contact Us